Strength Training for all ages & Senior Exercise Programs

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Coaching provided by a Certified Personal Trainer & Nurse

Discover your Strength + Focus on your Health!

EXERCISE FOR:  Flexibility. Balance. Strength.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY:  In-Person Coaching Serving Solano & Contra Costa County

It's the perfect time to get started.

Have you been pushing your health to the side?  It’s time to pivot into a self-care routine that will make you feel strong, confident, and healthy.  

Coaching is designed for light to moderately active people,  who are ready to feel stronger, increase energy, and feel confident about the way they look.  Support, guidance, and accountability with online fitness programs you can complete in your home with minimal equipment.   

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Hi! My name is Jordan.

My passion for health began over ten years ago when I began working as a nurse….

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Tell me about your fitness goals.

I’ll tell you how we can achieve them together.

Individualized coaching designed for light to moderately active people who are ready to make progress and get results. Support, guidance, and accountability with fitness programs you can complete in your home.


De-clutter your mind with stretching routines to ease tension and alleviate soreness, resulting from long periods of sitting and standing. 


Develop core muscles, correct posture, improve back pain with exercises that build a solid foundation for daily movement. 


Feel empowered, get toned, and promote fat loss by pivoting into strength training routines that boost well-being.

Jordan listens & understands your needs and tailors a program to your abilities, I highly recommend her!
– Sue S.