October 20


Habits! Getting Healthy is About Changing What You Do…Forever

By Jordan

October 20, 2020

I hear this statement all the time… “You must love working out and eating healthy, so it’s easy for you.”

Yes and no…

I love strength training and foods like cucumbers and apples. BUT do I love everything about exercising? Heck no and do I enjoy junk food? YES I enjoy it just as much as the next person. But I created new habits that will help me stay healthy long term. I know easier said than done but I literally made habits out of eating healthy and exercising. Is turning something into a habit hard? YES! If you are having a hard time, you aren’t alone! I want you to think about it this way, was it easy for you the first day you started a job? How did that feel? Creating new habits is the same way, you have to keep going and over time it gets easier and pays off BIG TIME.

How do you begin to build new habits? Change the way you think about your health. Look at exercise and eating healthy as an investment in your future. We can even bring cost into it, the healthier you are now, the less money you will spend in the future on healthcare. Do you think it’s too late to get started because of your age or current health? In most cases getting active at any age will improve your health. If you have current health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, the more active you are the more those conditions will improve.

I worked as a nurse for 10 years before I started coaching full time. When I was a nurse, patients would see the doctor for their high blood pressure and diabetes. The doctor would prescribe them medication and tell them to lose weight. The medication will control their conditions and will be taken forever, UNLESS!…big lifestyle changes are made. Building new habits that include daily physical activity and eating healthy could reverse the need for any medications.

SO back to habits! Where do you start, how do you keep the momentum going, and when can you stop. Habits are forever, and long term results mean there is no end. I know that doesn’t sounds fun. Who wants to do an exercise program forever or a “diet” forever. Well the person who wants to live a healthy life does. Then I hear people say “Well you only live once so I’m going to do what I want and eat what I want.” Ok I hear that but hear this, you only live once, so why not live the happiest, healthiest, longest life you can? Once you build healthy habits you’ll be set, the hardest part is starting!

So what is your mindset on getting healthy? What is stopping you from trying? There are wellness professionals EVERYWHERE that want to help you and will keep you accountable. You go to the doctor when you are sick, right? You pay every month for your insurance incase you get sick? What is stopping you from taking the time to create new healthy habits that will last a lifetime!?

Jordan Bethany

Hi! My name is Jordan. My passion for health began over tens years ago when I began working as a nurse. During the years I worked as a nurse I went through my own weight loss journey losing over 50 pounds and really embracing a healthy-lifestyle. I genuinely understand the struggle to get healthy and fit. The journey is physical but requires overcoming difficult mental struggles. I wanted to support and provide guidance to help others get through this challenging journey. I made a big jump in my life and became a personal trainer. What seems like overnight I began working for the local gym that I spent years working out at going through my own transformation. I began training men and women, ranging from age 19 to 70. The experience I had with my clients truly inspired me.

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