January 24


Mental Health

By Jordan

January 24, 2020

The process to get physically fit involves working on our physically fitness but also our mental health. We cannot truly be the healthiest or happiest version of ourselves without addressing how we think, what we think about and what we think about ourselves. When we become mentally strong the process to get healthy physically is easier.

  • Try talking to yourself the way you talk to your best friend.
  • Try encouraging yourself the way you would encourage your children, nephew, or any kid.

Positive affirmations: I am good enough. I will succeed. I am strong.

Do you feel silly talking to yourself or encouraging yourself? No one knows you’re doing it but you. ?

Good luck in everything you do today. The more you believe you can the more you will achieve.

Jordan Bethany

Hi! My name is Jordan. My passion for health began over tens years ago when I began working as a nurse. During the years I worked as a nurse I went through my own weight loss journey losing over 50 pounds and really embracing a healthy-lifestyle. I genuinely understand the struggle to get healthy and fit. The journey is physical but requires overcoming difficult mental struggles. I wanted to support and provide guidance to help others get through this challenging journey. I made a big jump in my life and became a personal trainer. What seems like overnight I began working for the local gym that I spent years working out at going through my own transformation. I began training men and women, ranging from age 19 to 70. The experience I had with my clients truly inspired me.

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