August 4


Retired Women: 3 Simple Tips You Can Do At Home to Boost Your Immune System Now!

By Jordan

August 4, 2020

Are you wondering how to improve your health, boost your immune system, and protect yourself from getting sick?  

Start with resting and getting a sufficient amount of sleep.  I am talking about getting 7 to 8 or MORE hours of sleep every night.  Women over 50 have reported having difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, creating a schedule can help.  Go to sleep at the same time every night.  Twenty minutes before you go to bed, turn off all of your electronics; including your tablet, smart phone and TV, so you can focus on relaxing.  If you nap frequently throughout the day and that is interfering with your night time sleep, limit naps.  Sleep is a huge part of keeping our bodies healthy, keeping our immune system functioning at its best, reducing stress, and allowing for recovery so we are prepared physically and mentally for the next day.   

Walking!  If you can walk outside near your home or in your backyard, GREAT!  If you have physical limitations or prefer to walk inside, you can always march in place at home.  Getting vitamin D from the sun and being active everyday will promote better overall health and boost your immune system.   Start walking 10 minutes a day and work your way up slowly over time.  How is walking daily connected to sleep?  People that are active tend to sleep better.  People who engage in regular physical activity typically get sick less often.

This last tip is likely the most challenging part of getting healthy and keeping our immune system strong: nutrition.  Increase your vegetable intake. Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that fuel our bodies to keep our immune system strong.  Does your doctor tell you that you need more calcium? Calcium aids in bone health BUT also is a factor in our immune system, and is a key part of identifying viruses and illnesses in our bodyWhat vegetables have a generous amount of calcium? Spinach, kale, and bok choy, are examples of leafy greens that are high in calcium.  My BIG veggie recommendation: every meal, half of your plate should be vegetables.       

Remember retired women, it’s not too late to start improving your health and building a stronger immune system.  Implement these three tips:

  • get sufficient sleep
  • take a daily walk
  • and eat more vegetables and watch your overall health improve and your immune system get stronger! 
Jordan Bethany

Hi! My name is Jordan. My passion for health began over tens years ago when I began working as a nurse. During the years I worked as a nurse I went through my own weight loss journey losing over 50 pounds and really embracing a healthy-lifestyle. I genuinely understand the struggle to get healthy and fit. The journey is physical but requires overcoming difficult mental struggles. I wanted to support and provide guidance to help others get through this challenging journey. I made a big jump in my life and became a personal trainer. What seems like overnight I began working for the local gym that I spent years working out at going through my own transformation. I began training men and women, ranging from age 19 to 70. The experience I had with my clients truly inspired me.

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