December 28


NOT All About Fitness (But Still About Fitness): Walking Out Of 2020 Right Into 2021!

By Jordan

December 28, 2020

This last year was a curveball, no one was left untouched by the world events, you undoubtedly faced challenges in 2020 and it is just about to be 2021. The new year doesn’t mean all your problems go away, but it does give a nice starting point, to reflect on this last year and learn from what you’ve been through. What are 3 lessons have you learned, and how are they going to impact 2021? Maybe you haven’t thought about this, but sit back and give it some thought, reflecting, and finding ways to improve, can be a powerful New Years’ resolution if you want to call it that. New year’s resolutions get a bad rep but if they help you be better and happier, I say go for it.

Here’s is a list of three lessons I came up with, let me know what your list is.

1. “This Is Our Happy Place.”

This last year we all spent more time at home than we probably ever have in the past. If your home wasn’t a place of peace, happiness, and relaxation, did you take steps to change that? If you haven’t done this already, now is the time to really dig in there, it makes a huge difference in overall wellbeing. In my household, we built a home gym and completed home projects, that have been staring us in the face for longer than I might like the admit. The results were astounding, we found ways to be happier, feel at peace, and relax. I literally have a sign in my living room that says “This is our happy place”. We’ve had this sign for years, and in 2020, we finally took the steps to live up to it and it was worth all the effort.

2. Spend MORE Time Outside

Hiking, walking, and outdoor activities have massive health benefits from vitamin D to boosting energy, and overall well being. This last year I saw more people walking and hiking than ever before, as a former gym rat I joined in and experienced amazing results. My family took it to a whole other level by taking a beach vacation up California’s Coast to the Oregon coast. If you aren’t spending time every single day outside, you’re missing out. Add it to your schedule and you’ll feel the change in your wellness almost overnight.

3. Adapting To Change

We all like our comfort zone and it’s easy to stay there, the same routine day in and day out. This last year SO MUCH in our daily schedule had to change but we adapted, it was uncomfortable at first but we did it. It is amazing when you think about what kind of changes you are capable of making, when you have to, just imagine what is possible if you make changes all on your own. Do you work out at home? For the first time, did you give it a try? I completely transitioned to exercising at home and I should have done it sooner! I’m kicking myself for being so resistant to change because I enjoy it so much and I always have access to my home gym. Lesson learned! Embrace change because it leads to some amazing results.

Are you eagerly anticipating 2021? We can start 2021 outright by taking the lessons from 2020 and making sure we continue to apply them to our lives. I don’t think you should live in the past but I definitely think you should learn from it. Get ready to step into 2021 with strength, drive, and an opportunity for a new start. It’s never too late to make positive changes to your life and there’s nothing stopping you from living, learning, and growing. Do what makes you happy, healthy, and feel at your best. See you in 2021.

Jordan Bethany

Hi! My name is Jordan. My passion for health began over tens years ago when I began working as a nurse. During the years I worked as a nurse I went through my own weight loss journey losing over 50 pounds and really embracing a healthy-lifestyle. I genuinely understand the struggle to get healthy and fit. The journey is physical but requires overcoming difficult mental struggles. I wanted to support and provide guidance to help others get through this challenging journey. I made a big jump in my life and became a personal trainer. What seems like overnight I began working for the local gym that I spent years working out at going through my own transformation. I began training men and women, ranging from age 19 to 70. The experience I had with my clients truly inspired me.

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